Dressed for a Sale

The housing market is a competitive place. We want your home to be the showstopper on the runway. Dressing your home up for the sale helps maximize the value of your home and brings you one step closer to your final goal – a successful sale. Here are a few tips that can help you get your home ready for its big debut on to the market.

Conquer First Impressions

They say never judge a book by its cover, but unfortunately consumers across the board can’t resist a good first impression. Ensure your walkways are swept & shovelled where necessary, your grass cut, your trees and shrubs pruned, and your entry is clear & inviting.  Another trick is to try keeping your porch lights on longer in the evenings in case potential buyers are driving by to scout the home.

TIP: For an even more lasting first impression; try a diffuser. We can get used to the natural scent of our homes and our pets, but they may not suit potential buyers. When using a diffuser keep the scents neutral, inviting, & light. Using too much of the essential oils may make it overwhelming for buyers with a sensitive nose.

Keep it Neutral – Clutter Away

Yes, you may love the collection of seashells that you brought home from your last trip to Hawaii, but we want to create a blank canvas. It is important for buyers to be able to imagine living in your home and to be able to connect with the space. Remove personal photographs, quirky décor, and paint bright colored walls to a more neutral color. Not only will the de-cluttering create a cleaner look, the neutral walls will help create the illusion of a larger & brighter space. Start moving your personal items out so the new buyers can start moving themselves in! Keeping kids toys contained, and hiding your pet’s food bowls, beds & toys for showings can make all the difference.

Make it Sparkle

The number one feedback realtor’s receive from potential buyers is often in regards to the cleanliness of the home. Details matter here – let’s get those windows sparkling, floors & counters squeaky clean, grout scrubbed, and pesky dust gone.

Kitchens tend to be the heart of the home so keep the counters cleared of all small appliances, sink empty, and kitchen cloths & sponges in cupboards. We know most of us lead a busy life, and details are easily missed, but this is one of the most important if not the most important step to prepare your home for showings.

Work with What you Got – Rearrange Your Furniture

Now that you have a blank canvas, our Designer can help you make the most of each room without breaking the bank. Scale is important when it comes to furnishings as it can impact the perceived size of a room. Symmetrical arrangements, and proper groupings can create larger inviting spaces.

Fix it Up!

Buyers can have a critical eye touring potential homes, as it is usually one of the biggest investments they will make. Making sure that everything in your home shows in its best light helps eliminate concerns & objections. So lets patch that hole in the wall, change the burnt out light bulbs, hang that towel bar, and finish the paint touch ups.

Create a ‘Lifestyle’ – Staging

There is a fine balance when it comes to accent pieces; we want to add to the functionality of a room without overwhelming it. Think about the message you would like to convey to potential buyers – Is your house an entertainer’s dream or a family’s personal haven? What is the main demographic of your community?

Focus on the master bedroom, en-suite, living and dining room. Small accents go along way, so keep it simple; fresh cut flowers or plants, clean linens, clean white towels in the bathrooms, and neutral throw pillows in the living room. It is important we don’t undo your hard work by adding clutter back in.

Don’t forget paintings, mirrors, and area rugs as they can make all the difference in unifying a space and tying it all together.

Make use of Space

If you have any empty or awkward spaces in your home that are currently unused, set them up. Reading corners, workspaces, console tables, plants, and welcoming benches can be used to dress up any space. It is important to show how the entire home can be maximized, even that empty space under your stairs.

Let there be Light!

Lighting is important to create warmth and a welcoming space. On top of ensuring all the bulbs are functioning, make sure that each room has enough light by increasing the wattage in your lamps where necessary. Aim to have a mix of lighting for each room where possible; ambient or general, task (eg. reading), and accent (table lamps).

Your Secret Weapon

We know you still have to lead your everyday life, and handling all the showings and open houses can get overwhelming. Try keeping a box with all your open house essentials:

  • New, clean towels for the bathrooms – simply switch them out with the ones meant for everyday use
  • Clean & fresh bed cover – it can be hard to keep the sheets bright, clean & crease free while it is on the market. Keep a fresh set just for showings and don’t forget the throw pillows!

TIP: Wherever possible, have your sheets and douvets in a white or a light neutral color.

  • Throws for the couch indoor and outdoor
  • Realtor brochures & business cards

Use the same box to toss in & hide away all your everyday knick knacks such as remotes, tissue boxes, and anything else you may be using on the daily that needs a quick place to go. Voila!

The Extra Mile

Whether it is for an open house or a showing, you can go the extra mile to create that inviting feeling for potential buyers. Is it Spring? Set up the fire pit in the backyard. Winter? Turn on that fireplace for the showing, and get that pine scent going. You can place books & a delicate tea cup beside a reading chair, Champagne & flutes at the bar, or a breakfast tray on the bed. Use your imagination to create that lived-in feeling and inspire potential buyers. After all, you may be using that Champagne to celebrate a sale sooner than you think!

Your home is your personal haven, and it can be a hard and emotionally challenging process to sell. The most important advice I can give you is to emotionally detach yourself from the property. This will help you view your home with a more critical eye in order to get you on the right track to make the necessary changes that will help it shine on the market, even though they may not necessarily be your style.